Goose and Gosslings

Two Yellow Warblers

Eagle and Friend

Full Moon, huge owl with open wings. among trees. dmichaudaubrey

The Owl

A red cardinal and a red-topped pileated woodpecker. dmichausaubrey

Feathered Friends

"xray" of squirrel curled up within birdhouse. dmichaudaubrey

Squirrel Sleeping


Large seal poking out of ice, observed by (small) polar bear. dmichaudaubrey

The Seal

Little bear cuddling in the arms of a big bear in a cosy den. dmichaudaubrey

Bears in a Den

Two black crows on branches, field, hills. dmichaudaubrey

Crows Cawing

Seagulls & Flying Ants

Large yellow-eyed owl on pine branch in front of huge moon. dmichaudaubrey

Great Horned Owl

Four black and white chickadees facing left, perched around a toy house surrounded by winter vines. dmichaudaubrey

Chickadee House

Squirrels are Back

Grey animal tracks on snow. Tree, owl, cat, mice, hen.dmichaidaubry

in the Snow

Two blue birds in branches with red seed pods. dmichaudaubrey

Blue Jays
in Sumac

Owl in tree, wolf howling at a huge moon, two other wolves, pine trees. dmichaudaubrey.

Wolf and Moon

A proud hawk perches beside some orange flowers. Trees and sky. dmichaudaubrey

A Hawk Visits

Stream and bush, busy beaver family, turtle, fish. dmichaudaubrey

Busy Beavers

Four geese standing, wind vane says N, S, E, W. Trees. dmichaudaubry

Walking Geese

Orange sun and orange-yellow moon at their horizons, some trees. dmichaudaubrey

Sunrise and Moonset

Many black crows on the field, one gig one in the bare tree. dmichaudaubrey

in a Cornfield

Red bird and brownish mate in green pine, yellow sun

Two Cardinals
in a Pine

A vine with crimson berries climbs way up into a bare tree. dmichaudaubrey

Bittersweet Vine

red oak trees and leaves, squirrels collecting acrorns. dmichaudaubrey


Two bright yellow flowers, two interesting birds. dmichaudaubrey

Northern Flickers Migrating

Yellow sun, purple flowers, geese in large green field, geese flying. dmichaudadubrey

Geese in the Fields

Rolling hills with bright red-orange trees and stormy gray clouds. dmichaudaubrey

Clouds over Trees

Red Autumn trees, two squirrels playfully perched on an old log. dmichauadaubrey

Two Squirrels Playing

Monarchs above sandy beach with pipers, big lake with small sailboats, blue sky. dmichaudaubrey

Go South

Many thin green leafy branches hanging down, big brown trunks and branches, sunrise. dmichaudaubrey

Weeping Willow

three bears rolling about eating red berries. dmichaudaubrey

Bears Love Berries

subdued flowers in yard, bird feeder, cat, low gray sun in misty sky above olive-green trees. dmichaudaubrey

A Cool Evening

imposing black and white farm animals in a field, hills and sky in background. dmichaudaubrey

A Farm in England

Canoe on big river with rock face. Huge whales surfacing. dmichaudaubrey

Whales on the Saguenay

nice large apple tree with three "teddy" bears in the branches. dmichaudaubrey

Bears Love Apples

meadow with colourful flowers, hills and sky. dmichaudaubrey

Wild Flowers

birdnest on wall containing five very close-together swallows. dmichaudaubrey

Five Swallows

large brown tree trunk and branches with four squirrels sparring and playing. dmichaudaubrey

Four Squirrels

farmer's field, green hills, low-flying geese. dmichaudaubrey

First Geese Returning South

large pinkish cross-section of an ant hill underground, two kids above among the grasses. dmichaudaubrey

The Ant Hill

big black crows in a tree. dmichaudaubrey

Three Crows

folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

Feeding Chicks

three squirrels on pine tree branches, hanging bird feeder, late afternoon sun. dmichaudaubrey

Squirrels at Play

bird's eye view of a blue stream, brown banks, rocks, green bushes, dragon flies, turtle, frog, fishes. dmichaudaubrey

A Stream in the Meadow

lightning over the hills, storm clouds and rain, trees, house, big red flowers. dmichaudaubrey

A Stormy Night

rose-breasted pair of birds, one on a long bird feeder half full of seed, the other on the pine branch. dmichaudaubrey

at the Feeder

sun rising, garden pink poppies, huge spider web

Spider Web

crescent moon, trees, raccoon family investigate birdfeeder hanging from tree. dmichaudaubrey

Raccoons at the Birdfeeder

green yard in evening with cat, dog, raccoons, blue birds, cow (over fence), wolf ("), wind and helicopter in distance. Plus microphones on stands to record sounds. dmichaudaubrey

The Sounds of Night

folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

Bird's Nest

folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

Polar Vortex

folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

Arrival of Geese

folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

Evening Song

folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

Spring Rain

folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart


folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

Robin Finds Worm

folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

Apple Blossom Time

folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart


tree, garden, wind, person walking

A Windy Day

Evening, woman in garden, purple flowers, crescent moon near horizon, yellow fireflies floating about


Back yard field, tree and its shadow, two robins on grass with chicks out on first day. dmichaudaubrey.

First Flight

Giraffes are transported on a river raft to the safety of the mainland. dmichaudaubrey

Giraffes in Kenya

A huge field full of green-orange-white pumpkins with muted sun. dmichaudaubrey

in the Field