Big Trucks

Vaccine Hope

A robin, a big glass bubble with gramma inside setting clocks. dmichaudaubrey

Winds of Spring

Teddy bears in woods with pales collecting sap. dmichaudaubrey

Collecting Sap

Making Easter Eggs

Orange VW camper van with huge imaginary frog on side, cat in passenger seat. dmichaudaubrey

Frog on Van

A snowman and a snowwoman enjoying snacks around a small fire outdoors. dmichaudaubrey

Hot Chocolate and Marshmallows

A huge old stone castle lit up with coloured lights. dmichaudaubrey

The Castle

10 balloons, 10 blocks, 10 digits, 10 words in 3 languages. dmichuadaubrey

Counting to Ten

Many snowmen holding booklets and singing in the snow. dmichaudaubrey

Snowmen's Chorus

Huge Moon with wolf, gramma and niece beckoning with arms up. dmichaudaubrey

Howling at the Moon

Many fanciful spherical houses with street lamps on a quiet road. dmichaudaubrey

In Our Bubbles

Flowers, grass, wading pool, mice, rain

Mice in the Rain

Kid with scarf and cat sits on red rocket going up into night sky and stars above Earth. dmichaudaubrey

Rocket Man

Bog green 'Saur around pine tree on snow, kids, owl. dmichaudaubrey

in the Snow

Falling snow, two teddy bears, cat on sled. dmiachaudaubrey

Even More Snow

An imaginary castle. dmichaudaubrey

Le Chateau

Very colourful owls on branches. dmichaudaubrey

Wise Owl

Snowing, snowman with woodland friends nibbling. Raccoon, deer, rabbits, squirrel, birds. dmichaudaubrey

Snowman's Picnic

Red hearts strewn on field, on horizon, two lovers stand astride holding valentine cards, funny hats. dmichaudaubrey

Field of Hearts

squirrels on snow, dmichaudaubret

Squirrels at Play

Sanata, elves reindeer, tree, presents. dmichaudaubrey

Santa Reads Mail

White snow falling, teddy bears shovelling. dmichaudaubrey

Fluffy Snow

Wooden deer with red bows gather about hay in evergreen forest. dmichaudaubrey

Rustic Deer

Six colourful kalaidescope circles with lots of thread. dmichaudaubrey


Stuffed animal with 2020 and Snowman with 2021. dmichaudaubrey

The Year Changes

Two characters beside an imaginary house , moon, trees. dmichaudaubrey

Gingerbread House

Dressed-up characters: hairy man, princess, witch, monkey, ghost, bats. dmichaudaubrey

Beauty and the Beast

pine trees, two kids pointing up to huge crescent moon in bluish night sky, with a toy crocodile on it. dmichaudaubrey

A Crocodile on the Moon

Huge brown groundhog above snow, sun and trees. dmichaudaubrey

Groundhog Day

six snowmen each in different weather! dmichaudaubrey


Goat, chicken, ram, rabbit, goose, cow all in festive dress. dmichaudaubrey

Barn Animals

Colourful jack-in-the-boxes with balloons. Birthday boy peeking from box. dmichaudaubry

A Surprise Party

purple potted flowers, small frog in hand. dmichaudaubrey

Frog in Flowers

Two soldiers and a squirrel stand dressed at attention. dmichaudaubrey

The Nutcracker

Woman on flying carpet in orbit seeing Earth with lots of searchlights pointing up. dmichaudaubrey

Magic Carpet Ride

Mama bear with apron preparing vegetables and two kid bears helping. Big iron pot on fire, moon, tree. dmichaudaubrey

Making Soup

Front yard, bags of leaves, imaginary cats helping with a toy train set. dmichaudaubrey

Lifting Leaves

magical array of flowers, bird in coloured glass birdbath. dmichaudaubrey


Many kids with scarves and toques outside the cabin as the lady hands out one more. dmichaudaubrey

Snow White

Colourful toy train winding to a toy castle in the wooded hills. dmichaudaunbey

To the Hills

Red and orange autumn leaves, berries, family of mice head towards flower pots. dmichaudaubrey

Mice Move In

Blue-capped castles turrets, hovering fairy in pink, trees and hills. dmichaudaubrey

Far and Away

Rainbow-coloured air, six fairies with little wands floating up. dmichaudaubrey

Rainbow Fairies

pink flowers, a large glass prism on a table under which is a cat, sun on left rainbows on right. dmichaudaubrey

The Cat's Prism

two men imagine green trees, logs in blue river, sand, cottages, fire pit, wagon. dmichaudaubrey

St. Maurice (1950)

Lime green plushy frog plaything on red leaves. dmichaudaubrey

Playing in Leaves

folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

Ants Like Mittens

folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

Bedtime Story

folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

Silk Hats

folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

The Coming Day

folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

Around the World

folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

Garden Party

folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

The Red Dragon

The Tiger's Tail


Imaginary mushroom with pink dots. Mice are going in and out and playing with vegetables in the yard. dmichaudaubrey

Mice at Play

Imaginary map: trees and hills, canoe on big river, winding through Great Lakes to ocean.

The Canoe Trip

multi-coloured caterpillar with the alphabet letters in each section; rabbit and' lady bug

New Friends

large mushroom with orange dots and a door and window in the stem;.smiling cat overlooking mice having picnic. folk art dmichaudubrey grammasfolkart

Bottines' Picnic

Man bending over soil with basket (for worms). Underground cutaway shows worms in tunnels, worms in "living room" and "bedroom". folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

A Worm's Life

Imaginary animals in, and jumping into, a backyard swimming pool. folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

Pool Buddies

folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

Nonsense in Time

folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

The Angel Tree

folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

Making Easter Eggs

Woman reading in chair beneath light; window and trees. Large fish bowl with imaginary fish, including one sitting in chair reading. dmichaudaubrey

In a Fish Bowl

garden close-up, red flowers, upside down pot, toad. dmichaudaubrey

A Toad's Garden

colourful basket, backyard, two children playing "doctor" with a stuffed owl and a toy horse. dmichaudaubrey

Dr. Owl's Visit