Children Playing


The Camal Library

Zoo animals surrounding a piano player. dmichaudaubrey

Music at the Zoo

Fishing on my Birthday


Garden Blocks

Playing Ball

Red cardinal on branch, two of us, and cat, shoveling driveway. dmichaudaubrey

Shovelling Snow

A huge fish on the ice wiggles back into the hole as kids watch. dmichaudaubrey

Flipping Away

Pine trees, hills, two of us, and cat, on snowshoes. dmichaudaubrey


Big Cat on pink toboggan slides down snow. dmichaudaubrey

Cat Slides Again

Two bundled-up kids and two penguins, with rods above holes .in ice,  dimichaudaubrey

Ice Fishing

Big red snowblower on box as we try to figure it out. dmichaudaubrey


Wooden shed among trees; huge moon low in sky. dmichaudaubrey

Moon Setting

Snow Angels

Snow slide, toboggan with cat, snowman. dmichaudaubrey

Sliding With Cat

Dad and kids above hole in ice. Fish in blue waters below. dmichaudaubrey

Jiggling the Line

Setting sun, two snowmen, tree shadows. dmichaudaubrey

Long Shadows

Colourful lights and plush toys helping arrange things in a big box. dmichaudaubrey

Putting Christmas Decorations Away

Shoveling and snowballs, snowmen and teddy bears. dmichaudaubrey

Fun in Snow

Two cross-country skiers passing on a wide trail, pine trees. dmichaudaubrey


Many coloured huts with little chimneys on the ice. A fisherman with a huge one on a table. dmichaudaubrey

Ice Fishing
on the River

Big yellow numbers in sky "2021". kid sliding on red toboggan. dmichaudaubrey

A New Year

Snow slide with kids, imaginary snowflake bubbles. dmichuadaubrey

Sliding on Snow

Man on red sled going down white snow slide, teddy bears, snowman. dmichaudaubrey

Grandpa Sliding

Dreaming of bouncing and playing in leaves in yard.. dmichaudaibrey

Raking Leaves

Kids going down grassy hill on tricycles. dmichaudaubrey

Bike Race

Swings, slide, steps, climbing wall, with teddy bears. dmichaudaubrey

Play Structure

Making a Trail

Arial view of a trail looping around the woods; cat on big rock, two walkers. dmichaudaubrey

Our Trail

Woman decorating trail in the woods. Green moss. Cat. dmichaudaubrey

Hanging Ribbons on the Trail

Front yard of house. Grandma and teddybears putting up Christmas lights. dmichaudaubrey

Putting up Lights

Many weird and wonderful snow shovels. dmichaudaubrey

Choosing a Shovel

3 women singing outdoors, bundled up, with hats and scarves. Evergreen trees. dmichaudaubrey

Christmas Caroling

View above of colourful stalls in a "Noel" market. dmichaudaubrey

Christmas Market

Teddy bears on outdoor play structure. Cat. Grandpa skiing. dmichaudaubrey

A Fun Day

Black stone Inuit figures piled by the river. Red setting sun.dmichaudaubrey

on the River

kids in snow suits, bird feeder, squirrel. dmichaudaubrey

Powder Snow

Play structures on beach, water, trees. dmichaudaubrey

Picnic by the River

Two boys and dog playing in the leaves. dmichaudaubrey

Outdoor Play

Fir tree, garden vine, kids playing with grandma. dmichaudaubrey

First Snow

woman in purple haat and sweater tossing yellow-stalked white milkweeds,. dmichaudaubrey

Gathering Milkweeds

Pumpkin, ghosts, four grandchildren in costumes. dmichaudaubrey

Trick or Treat

Orange pumpkins, purple scarecrow, ghosts in window, witch on broom. dmichaudaubrey


Tossing up Oak leaves, two kids and grandma, dog, woodpecker. .dmichaudaubrey

Raining Leaves

Unique, fun and colourful roadside mailboxes. dmichaudaubrey

Country Mailboxes

Boy and girl, blue ball, sand and water, windsurfers. dmichaudaubrey

Picnic at the Beach

Green field of hay, hills, grandpa riding a bike. dmichaudaubrey

Riding on
Country Roads

Woman in red sweater and blue pants feeds a deer. Autumn trees and lake behind.. dmichaudaubrey

Deer Whisperer

Orange Moon setting over big lake. dmichaudaubrey

Grandpa's Birthday

Deep crimson red vines on log fence, green trees and weeds, orange  leaves. dmichaudaubrey

Enjoying my Walk

Wooden deck, shoes and play things, potted flowers, juice. dmichaudaubrey

Our Deck
is Finished

Canoe on big river with rock face. Huge whales surfacing. dmichaudaubrey

Whales on the Saguenay

sand beach, big water, sunset, two kids, parents. dmichaudaubrey

Wasaga Beach

A girl and her younger brother in the driveway walking towards the waiting big yellow school bus. dmichaudaubrey

Yellow School Bus

boys on railed wharf with lines stretching far into blue river, a couple of boats, fish, tress on the far shore. dmichauaubrey

Fishing on the Baskatong

Kids on ice rink, dressed in "armor" dmichaudaubrey.

Starting Hockey

A senior walks along a garden pathway surrounded by colourful balloons. Bonne Fête 82. dmichaudaubrey

My Aunt's Birthday

Two women doing carpentry in yard, dreaming of an image of the finished deck with the family on it. dmichaudaubrey

Mom's Deck

little stream, flowers, kid in red hat and coat, another in yellow, four boats bobbing down. dmichaudaubrey

Boat Racing

A couple biking on a winding road, over stream, willow tree, green hills. dmichaudaubrey

Grandma and Grandpa's Ride

garden plants, walkway, pine trees, woman with red-flowered umbrella in wind and light rain. dmichaudaubrey

Another Umbrella Day

wooden deck, view of tress and sky, rocky pool, deck chairs, man with cane in white gown, with face mask. dmichaudaubrey

Grandpa at the Spa

green field, grass and trees, sandbox, cat, two kids running along. dmichaudaubrey

Running Free

three children on wide porch stacking and building blocks. dmichaudaubrey.

Building Things

vast field of long green grass, big hills on horizon, two kids and their dog play. dmichaudaubrey

Green Fields

tropical beach resort, cactus, ferns, palms, beach chair, woman, sailboats. dmichaudaubrey

Southern Winds

back field, large pile of brown sticks, hostas, yellow flowers, stepping stones. dmichaudaubrey

Grandpa's Woodpile

foggy day, orange flowers, bird in birdbath. dmichaudaubrey


three kids eating ice ream, huge teddy bear. dmicahudaubrey

Ice Cream Treat

hay field, farmer's barn, lime-green round bales. dmichaudaubrey

Bales of Hay

view of staining boards outside, dream bubble of completed deck. dmichaudaubrey

Building a Deck

blue water, sand, reading in beach recliner under green tree. dmichaudaubrey

Dreaming of Sandbanks

farm fence with stones on posts, field with brown cows, hay bales, trees and hills in distance. dmichaudaubrey

Cows in the Field

aerial view of winding country road with houses and trees.  dmichaudaubrey

My Morning Walk

coloured ballons held by teddy nears in field, children at round table, birthday cake, boy standing with arms up. dmichaudaubrey

Birthday Boy

field and yard, trees, hot sun, fountain, birds, flowers, lawn chair, umbrella, cat, pathway, rabbits. dmichaudaubrey

Staying Cool

green field, small wagon with four children, Canadian flag. dmichaudaubrey

Say Cheese

green yard, two kids, cat, play pool with a bit of water and round stones. dmichaudaubrey

Collecting Stones

big cake, red flowers like lollypops in background. dmichaudaubrey

Canada Day

green field, sun, woman with big blue hat petting very large friendly hens. dmichaudaubrey

Friendly Hens

view of trees and beach, boat sunset, sea gulls, VW van, a couple, seen by them on or through a big brick wall mural. dmichaudaubrey

Sandbanks Mural

Two fathers and their kids, summer afternoon play

Father's Day

Evening, woman in garden, purple flowers, crescent moon near horizon, yellow fireflies floating about


tree, garden, wind, person walking

A Windy Day

The Picnic

Man fishing by pond. Two medium fish and one big one in the water.. dmichaudaubrey

The Big One

Back yard field, tree and its shadow, two robins on grass with chicks out on first day. dmichaudaubrey.

First Flight

folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

New Structure from Old Wood

folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

Building Blocks

folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

The Soccer Game

folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

Running in the Grass

folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

Le carrousel

folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

Gone Fishing

folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

Building Stairs

folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

Spring Rain

folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

Walk in the Rain

folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart


folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

Last Toboggan Ride

folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

Making Balloons

folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

Adobe Home

folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

Bottines is Hiding

folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

Robin's Nest

fanciful procession on country road: person on horse, birds, dogfolk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

Walking on the Street

folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

Tree Swing

folk art for children dmichaudaubrey grammasfolkart

Bean Bag Toss